15. Education

I loved my second grade teacher, and I remember thinking that she was so pretty. On Valentines Day, years ago when I was in her class, I asked my mother to send her flowers from me. I figured she’d like that. And just like it was yesterday, I remember when those flowers arrived. We were in the middle of class when there came a knock at the door. With a surprised look of delight, my teacher accepted the colorful delivery and promptly read the card. It was then that I felt a tinge of oncoming embarrassment, and she asked me to come to the front. With a nice, warm smile, she thanked me and kissed my cheek. What a great moment!


When I returned to my desk, a couple of my friends noticed the shadow of lipstick on my cheek. And at the recess bell, I rushed to the bathroom and saw in the mirror that faint reminder of a great moment. I felt then that everything in the world was okay. 


Oh, how important it is to write such beautiful moments on the tablet of experience! It is an important part of education, don’t you think? As I see it, lives are built on experiences and memories of them. We live not by seconds and minutes but by events. The present is fleeting and slippery, like quicksilver, but memories of past times and our hopes and dreams of the future stay with us forever. Our present joy manifests by delighting in the past and anticipating the future.


Day 15 Guide


Today, think of your life as a filmstrip and consider each frame to be an experience or an event. Write about a couple of your experiences. What are the things that give you hope? What do you anticipate or look forward to?


© 2004, Levi Hill

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