15. Experience

What will be your experience of tomorrow? Wouldn’t it be grand to live life thinking that every day will bring with it wonderful new experiences? But most of us don’t live that way; instead we think that tomorrow will be much the same as today.


The spirit of Joyous Gard – unsettled with complacency or the status quo — fights for experiences that will make life magical. The spirit of Joyous Gard pushes to make tomorrow come alive by advising us to go after what we want and enjoy the experience of getting there.


This morning, our local newspaper, The Augusta Chronicle, ran an article about a man who knows such as spirit. According to the article, 59 year-old Augusta native Marvin Cummings said he’s never had a bad day. Photographer, brick mason and neophyte guitarist, Cummings lives life to the fullest, enjoying it for the moments and for the experiences that he will earn. Concerning his three main interests, Cummings says, “All three require hand-and-eye coordination and concentration. Creativity is a beautiful thing.”


Day 15 Guide


If you’re like me, staying “on track” requires discipline. It seems that my natural inclination is to laze around and let life pass me by. Come alive, man! Realize that the wonderful experiences that you want to gain are within your grasp. Use your imagination today to find things that will spark you to take action towards greater things.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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