15. Hope

I think I was stopped by every red light on the way to work this morning. And there beside me at every one was a driver in a black PT Cruiser with tinted windows. When the light turned green, he’d race up to the next light well ahead of me, hoping, I’m sure, that his luck would change and the next light would be green. But he was disappointed, and like me, he caught every one. He seemed so impatient. Why the big hurry?


Impatience is all too common these days. It seems like we’re all caught in some sort of huge race. But I’m not sure what we’re racing for. The whole game makes me rather nervous. And I’ll be the first one to claim that if it’s a race we’re in, then I will surely lose. I just don’t stand a chance.


But really, what is the big hurry? Where are we going? What are we hoping to accomplish?


Did you know that thinking has a speed? It’s fast, certainly, but bound by a speed. There’s a limit to how fast one can process information, and it’s based on the underlying electrochemical processes occurring in the brain. But that shouldn’t really be a surprise; everything in the universe has a limit. Even light has a speed and a limit.


I think we all ought to slow down a  bit, just enough to see the beautiful white clouds move across the sky, enough to enjoy our children’s laughter, enough to make a hug meaningful. Think of the old aphorism, Good things come to those who wait.


Day 15 Guide


Maybe it’s too late to rearrange your day. But think about it tomorrow: slow down a bit. If you’ve got too much going on, let some things go. Give yourself time to enjoy life. Think of the things that are most important to you and focus most of your energy on them. Forget the rest. Give yourself enough time to make a difference.


Whether you know it or not, people look to you for an example. Demonstrate the power of hope that God’s plan really doesn’t rely on the speed of your delivery. Your trust in His wonderful creation is best shown by simply enjoying it.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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