15. Life

 Joyous Gard is a very perilous place, if we grow too indolent to leave it; the essence of it is refreshment and not continuance. There are two conditions attached to the use of it; one is that we should have our own wholesome work in the world, and the second that we should not grow too wholly absorbed in labour.

     — A.C. Benson, Joyous Gard, Life

At times I feel as though I’m clicking on all cylinders. But then other times, everything’s a struggle. Sometimes I wonder: Is there a combination of elements of mind and body that must be present in order to feel energetic and alive? Or is it less the very presence of elements than it is a balance?

Consider your physical health and fitness, for example. It’s hard to have a good outlook on life when you’re sick or tired, isn’t it? Why even a headache is enough to frustrate your efforts and zap essential motivation. It’s equally hard to maintain a balanced sense of well-being when you’re swamped with too many things to do. You need some time to think and plan. Work is important. But so is listening to music or reading poetry. Taking a break to look up at the stars helps to renew your spirit.

Day 15 Life

Ask yourself: Are you in control of your day? Or is it in control of you? Balance is a key.

© 2007, Levi Hill

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