15. Memory

But the poetical nature is the nature that is not easily contented, because it tends to idealisation, to the thought that the present might easily be so much happier, brighter, more beautiful, than it is.

— Memory, Joyous Gard

On the road again…

Having been out of town for a few days and then back on the road, I was tired. My eyes were heavy, and my brain racked from the constant attention of speeding traffic. I needed a break and a change of mind.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? We all have days that take us hostage and leave few options for recovery. How is it that you restore the spirit? How do you make your way back to Joyous Gard?

The languages of poetry and music are for many people the most direct form of healing. They remind us of experiences pleasing to the soul and help us to recover those grand feelings that may otherwise be buried in the rubble of confusion.

Day 15 Guide

Make it your habit to arouse memories by listening. Listen to the music of the wind or of poetry and song. Listen to the sounds of night, the cadence of the crickets, or a distant train horn.

© 2007, Levi Hill

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