15. Poetry

Poetry as a Way of Thinking


It was this thought that most captured my attention in Benson’s book, Joyous Gard – that in a sense we are all poets and witnesses to beauty. Our human nature urges us to seek that which so deeply moves the spirit.


Underlying the poet’s work is the fact that beauty itself can be suspended in verse. But apprehending her presence is a capacity that we all share. Yesterday, I talked about nature’s light in these latter days of the year. Did you feel its softness?


Solstice light against the trees

Filled with pastel colored leaves

Warmed my spirit on the morn

That cold and late December


Simple things


Simple things – they make up the greater part of life’s drama, don’t they? Mostly, we live by doing and seeing the simple things: opening the mail, eating, getting dressed, driving, or talking. We see school children crossing the street, a bird lighting on the mailbox, rain that soaks the ground, or trees that dance in the wind. We see crescent moons and city streets filled with cars. We sense the sadness of loss, and we feel sympathy for lonely spirits.


There is beauty in every corner of life, in every day. But it’s easy to overlook, masked in simple forms like the soft curves of a baby’s bottom.


Listen to the lyrics of the song “Simple Things” written by pop artist Amy Grant: http://www.amygrant.com/


I dream of simple things
I can believe in
Like the feeling this day brings
True love and the miracle of forgiving
I believe in simple things


Through all the days
The blues, the greys
A ray of light keeps shining…


Day 15 Guide


Today, take a moment to find one thing that at first glance appears dull, routine and generally uninspiring, and identify something beautiful about it. The key here is to acquire the habit of seeking beauty in all areas of life.


© 2004 Levi Hill

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