15. Sympathy

My younger daughter enjoys most everything. She swims and dances and takes gymnastics. She loves friends and animals; she even loves school. She enjoys laughing and talking and drawing. She likes to read, and if you can believe it, she even enjoys cleaning up her room. It’s her enjoyment of most every aspect of life that I so love. It’s how I want to be.


Isn’t it neat how children can be an encouragement to us adults? In so many ways my own children encourage me. As I watch and see their beautiful, young spirits come alive, I find that a vital energy in me is restored. I enjoy their excitement and their eagerness. But I also sympathize with their fears and understand their struggles.


And yet even in the midst of such hardship, when as a parent I would gladly take on their pain if only I could, there is a beautiful sense of strength and hope that arises in me as I watch and see a courageous young spirit manifest to take on life’s challenges.


I think we’d all do better if we spent more time listening and talking with our children. We should try to learn from these young minds as they are working to shape the faculties for coping with difficulty. Certainly I don’t think that we should ever forget our primary parental duties to teach, love and nurture these young spirits. But I think that we should stop long enough to listen and to witness their strength and their many beautiful qualities.


Day 15 Guide


Teach your children, but learn from them too. 


© 2005, Levi Hill

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