15. The Principle of Beauty

The true lover of beauty will await it everywhere, will see it in the town, with its rising roofs and its bleached and blackened steeples, in the seaport with its quaint crowded shipping, in the clustered hamlet with its orchard-closes and high-roofed barns, in the remote country with its wide fields and its converging lines, in the beating of the sea on shingle-bank and promontory;

The Principle of Beauty, Joyous Gard,

I am one of the millions of television viewers who over the years have enjoyed the Andy Griffith show. I believe that the characters living in that make-believe town of Mayberry represent the best in man. They were for the most part hard-working and honest. They were loving and caring and considerate. But like us they struggled and carried the weight of pride that blinds the heart to a sense of the greater things.

If you will remember, there were times on the show when Barney Fife (the faithful deputy of Sheriff Andy Taylor) wanted to be more than he was. Or when Aunt Bea got her feelings hurt because she wasn’t recognized for her finer qualities. Even Andy, the most balanced character of them all, struggled at times with feelings of inadequacy. The characters of Mayberry were like you and me. They were real. And in my opinion that’s why the 1960s television show remains popular even today.

Day 15 Guide

Are you sometimes restless? Are you bored or unsettled with the course of your life? I believe that it’s only when you find the common lines of day to be lovely that you are sure to be within the gates of Joyous Gard.

Slow down, my friend. Take a drive or a long walk. Stay away from the distractions and think more about relationships. Write a love letter to your spouse. Think of how important a small, unexpected gift could be: a Hersey’s kiss, a flower, a ticket to the movies, a card. Concentrate today on the simple things.

© 2007, Levi Hill

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