16. Faith

“¦lead quiet lives, refresh the spirit of joy within us by feeding our eyes and minds with the beautiful sounds and sights of nature, the birds’ song, the opening faces of flowers, the spring woods, the winter sunset; we must enter simply and freely into the life about us, not seeking to take a lead, to impress our views, to emphasise our own subjects; we must not get absorbed in toil or business, and still less in plans and intrigues;”


  — Joyous Gard, Faith



How would you describe yourself? Are you a Type A or a Type B personality? Does life and all of its many twists and turns keep you wound up in a knot? Do you feel that undercurrent of restless competitiveness that seems to affect most everything?


Throughout its history, the United States has been a nation of industrious, hard-working people. Some of the greatest minds of science, invention and industry have been of American fiber; we are a land of opportunity, a land of discovery and beauty where people are free to satisfy their desires. But at what cost does such freedom come?


I believe that we must admit our general tendency to lose faith in the greater things, to become absorbed in the business of the world and lose site of joyful noises. The spirit of Joyous Gard is but the reminder to often return to the more natural things of this world and guard closely your faith.


Day 16 Guide


Daily, search for the peace that defines the halls of Joyous Gard; make a serious effort to hold on to your faith in the greater things.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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