16. Poetry and Life

I’m easily influenced by my environment. And if you’re like me, even the weather affects your spirit. Dark, rainy days leave me feeling sullen, sometimes lost. But the light of a clear day makes me hopeful and desirous.


I love the buzz of a big city. The people, the noise, and the bright neon lights, they energize my spirit. Walking on the streets of New York, between her massive and beautiful buildings, leaves me with an unusual cloistered feeling. It’s as if I’m really not outdoors. Protected somehow.


Even the particular day of the week and the time of day promote different feelings in me. Monday is generally my hardest day, while I feel most alive on Thursday or Friday. I’m most productive from 4AM to 10AM, and then again from 3PM to 6PM. In between I’m tired.


Day 16 Guide


Think today of your environment. Consider the day of the week, the season of the year, and even the time of day to be a part of your “habitat.” In what environment do you feel most alive and energized? In what sort of place do you feel lost and in need of help?


The key here is to understand the influences on your spirit so that you might best create environments to satisfy your soul.


© 2004, Levi Hill

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