16. Science

A recent scientific study conducted by British anthropologists Hill and Barton of the University of Durham’s suggests that wearing the color red might increase the chance of victory in sports. 


It was by their analysis of win-loss statistics across several sports that these researchers found teams and individuals who wore the color red in competition won more than they lost. The study stemmed from one researcher’s hunch that red might play a role in human dominance just as it seems to in the animal kingdom.


Zebra finches fitted with red leg bands tend to become dominant, while those given blue bands are more submissive. In humans, anger reddens the face, which may send signals of fierceness.


   — New York Times, May 18, 2005 “Research Finds that Red is for Winners”


I’m quite at home with the idea that colors might affect the spiritedness of competing individuals or teams. It could be one of either arming the wearer’s attitude for a fight or of deflating the courage of a would-be competitor. Or it could be both events occurring simultaneously – strengthening one side and weakening the other.


Lately, I’ve thought about how much the input of my senses affects my attitude. During a recent string of rainy days, I found myself to be emotionally down and nervous. I knew, however, that it would take only a break in the clouds or a brief view of the sunshine to quickly elevate my spirit. Thankfully, the weather has turned around, and today there’s not a cloud in the sky. I feel good. 


No, I’m not at all surprised with the results of this recent study. Nor, most likely, would top-ranked golfer and US Open favorite Tiger Woods, whose predominate choice of shirt color seems to be¦ you got it, red.


Day 16 Guide


Today and then tonight, surround yourself with signs, colors and symbols of strength. Fill your senses with things that tend to elevate your spirit.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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