17. Art

Last night I had the great opportunity to attend a performance of country music artist and grammy award winner Kathy Mattea http://www.mattea.com/. During the concert she talked a bit about her life, commenting on the ten years that she spent in Scotland. The influence of that culture is evident in her music with its unique blend of guitar, keyboard and the distinctive Celtic voices of pipes and mandolins. The old and traditional sounds carried my spirit to new places. I felt at peace and at home.


It is the intention of great art to transform and then transport its witnesses to the peaceful plains of life. The cadence of that music last night gently rocked the audience and elicited a greater, common spirit, uniting us all in this magical season.


Days 17-19 Guide


Don’t miss the music of this season. Take advantage of every opportunity to soften your heart and listen to the voices that sing of the miracle.


© 2004, Levi Hill

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