17. Faith

Feelings of tired desperation and panic, of being lost and alone, cold, hungry, and fearful: God doesn’t intend these for us, but we undoubtedly have glimpses of life without. We all know what it means to feel panic or fear. And some even know the pangs of hunger.


Sadly, the lives of many across the world are filled with such feelings. And it’s hard to even fathom the depth of despair that survivors of recent tragedies must feel. How could you go on? What do you hold on to?


At times even we, who generally live in good health and among people we love, want to be reminded of life’s purpose, of its design and our reason for living. What are we really supposed to be doing? Is it enough to love? What are we to seek? And for what are we striving and building?


I believe that God wants us to leave traces of faith across the world. Ours really isn’t a fight to counter the forces of evil, but rather a celebration to declare a present victory. That’s right, victory. Darkness has been defeated, and we are to enjoy the light and illuminate the paths of escape for others.


And therein, I believe, rests our purpose, that we should fight only to escape the grips of woe, helping others to also find their reason for living. Love? Deeply, we should. Dance? Oh yes, dance we shall. Laugh? As much as our bodies will allow. Celebrate? Everyday.


Difficulty will always besiege us, and so the fight will be constant and living. But that’s okay. We should continue daily to light the candle of life, enjoying her sweet aroma and wanting only to remain resolute in the faith that its light has forever overtaken the darkness.


Day 17 Guide


Don’t consider a life fraught with challenge to be a life of penalty. Keep you eyes focused on the pathways of escape; others want to follow your lead. Demonstrate that in the bog of life, there is always a way out.  




© 2005, Levi Hill

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