17. Growth

Have you ever seen a hot air balloon lift off? I watched one day as four people climbed into the basket of one of those colorful airships. The sky was blue and there was a slight breeze; it was a perfect day for flying.


The burner was loud as it thrust flames up into the inner space that would become the balloon’s quiet engine. And with the exception of the one man controlling the burner, passengers on the craft seemed to be simply waiting, waiting to fly.


And then the burner rested. There was stillness. The balloon had finally reached its moment of potential, and suddenly, it lifted off. Quickly, it ascended, and they were gone.


Unlike an airplane, which is in motion prior to take off, a balloon remains totally grounded until it reaches its lighter-than-air moment. And then it’s gone. Often times, ideas will greet the mind in similar fashion, and all at once, at that one critical moment, we are changed. Our experience is suddenly altered, and we’re not the same. It’s the nature of human growth, I think, to leap at the junctures.


Day 17 Guide


Like eggs, ideas incubate and then, at that one critical moment of potential, they hatch. There’s a sudden change, and new life begins. It is important that you feed the process of change.


Do you have time to think, read, or even keep a journal? We all need time in the day to “light the burners.” Today, consider how you might build one hour of time like this into your day.


© 2004, Levi Hill

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