17. Hope

I think that I was turning nine or ten-years-old when on my birthday I received a toy rifle as a gift. It was exactly what I had wanted, and I remember that feeling of excitement when I first opened my present. Immediately, I ran towards my room, wanting, I think, to just be by myself so that I might gaze at my new prized-possession. And it was on the heels of that great joy that tragedy struck. As I was running through the doorway I broke my new plastic rifle in half. And what had been tears of joy turned quickly to tears of sorrow and utter hopelessness.


I suppose that we all have similar stories — those of hopes or dreams that have been dashed by unfortunate events or situations. And it’s at times like these — when things could get no better – that they also seem as though they could be no worse. And the height of joy multiplies the pain of disappointment.


Sometimes the salve of time helps to sooth the wounded spirit. But it also helps to rest more your hopes on things that are certain – things of the spirit and of God.


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It’s important, I think, that the idea of Experience follows Hope in the Joyous Gard Cycle of Days. If we allow it, the experience of life is there to teach us patience, endurance, and the things that will give a lasting hope.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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