17. Ideas

Feeling good is just one thought away.


My experience tells me that turning-the-corner is a simple matter of having one captivating thought. But even that’s sometimes hard to muster, isn’t it? I don’t know, to me it just seems that the tedium of life carries with it a certain momentum — that it’s hard to shake the blues. Do you ever feel that way?


So how do you give yourself a chance to have that great thought? Generally speaking, I think you ought to try doing the things that you know would be profitable but that you probably feel least like doing. If you’ve ever learned to play a musical instrument, you will recall just how hard it was to start practicing. It was work to get “into it,” wasn’t it? That barrier is real, and without disciplined action, you’re apt to remain in the warmth of inactivity.


Day 17 Guide


Make a list of things that turn you on — a spring rain, a sunset, a memory, a place, a great book, or a song. List also the things that you enjoy doing – dancing, riding a motorcycle, playing golf. The list will help you recall these things when you’re “down” and feeling uninspired. Put it in an easy place to find, and then on the days when you feel like you’re starting to lose your edge, review it and remind yourself of the things that would help to restore those great feelings.


The principle at work: When you least feel like it, turn on the music or invite a friend to go to the bookstore for a cup of coffee.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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