17. Poetry and Life

Little Man

Weaving threads of anxious thought
The endless traps our problems wrought
With crowded halls of people standing
In every place and time

Pages filled with endless rules
To make inhuman every move
That dares to heal a broken soul
And cure the heart that’s blind

But a whisper calmed the sea
And told of things to comfort me
And changed the minds of idle thought
And spoke of brighter days

Strangers to this cluttered mind —
His laugh, his smile, sweet things divine
Have left me but one thing to claim:
“One little man goes a long, long way.”

© 2007, Levi Hill

Day 17 Guide

One small thought, one idea, one “little man” — but for these things the world would be a hard place. Think of how you might be an influence, no matter how small. Those around you need your smile and your humor. They need your song.

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