21. Poetry and Life

During the summer months in the late 1970s Wednesdays meant beach music night at a local club called New York, New York. Most of the time a D.J. would spin records of the most popular shagging tunes, but occasionally the club would host a live band. One such band, The Catalinas, appeared several times, and I remember how their hit song Summertime’s Calling Me would always draw a big crowd to the dance floor. The song quickly became a beach music standard and in my opinion one of the best songs to ignite those great feelings associated with summer. Listen to the chorus:


Maybe some day soon I can feel this way year ’round;

It’s summertime, and I’m gonna stay in this town.

I wanna sit there in the sand,

And watch those golden tans go walkin’ by.

I know it isn’t fair, but do I really care,

Well, it’s different now, summertime’s calling me.


Days 21-23 Guide


Today, think about some of your great memories associated the different seasons of the year. I find myself thinking of warm weather memories in the winter months and of cool, crisp fall memories in the heat of summer. Sometimes a change of seasons is inspiring, even if it’s in your imagination.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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