17. Progress


(courtesy of European Southern Observatory)

What does it take for you to break out of the clouds? For me, it’s a sunset or the light at dusk; it’s a favorite song, a long weekend, or the smiles on my children’s faces; it’s the feeling of love and kinship or a night out with friends – all of these things give me energy and make me want to live.

And isn’t it wonderful to at times consider that God is at work everywhere, giving us beautiful glimpses of creation? Imagine that such awesome things are there just to give us a glimmer of the hope for the things to come. It seems that as we humans make progress, searching the farthest reaches of space or the depths of nature’s building blocks, we find windows of beauty along the way. These snapshots, in turn, feed the mind and arouse the energy to continue down the path of discovery.

Day 17 Guide

Today, think of persistence — of moving forward and making personal progress. Don’t despair over things that seem to hinder your march forward. Remember that setbacks and problems are always found “down the road.”

© 2005, Levi Hill

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