17. Work

There is a certain beauty in striving to meet a goal. Much as in a dance, a story or an opera, work seems to build the familiar tension that is relieved only upon the satisfaction of certain desires.

In my opinion, in order to classify the exertion of labor or thought as work there must be purpose, intention, and desire. And therein, I think, rests the source of work’s beauty – the ultimate fulfillment of one’s desire.


Don’t confuse the work of man with the work of machines. While one might claim some similarity in that they both use energy to meet a known end, machines aren’t “of mind.” They do not thirst or desire or long for anything. Only man has within him, buried deep in the soul, a desire to enjoin the creative momentum of life.


Days 17-21 Guide


For many of us, today is the last workday of the week. This weekend prepare your mind and restore your energy for the work ahead. Think, too, of where you’re going and what you’re doing. Use the downtime to consider more closely the things that may be in the back of your mind – things like a change in direction, a move, or a commitment to a personal plan of improvement.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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