18. Accessibility

Occasionally, I tune in to the nationally syndicated “Delilah” call-in radio show. Now, for those of you who haven’t heard of the show, it probably appeals more to a female audience. It’s all about love and relationships, memory and healing. Delilah, the show’s host, plays musical dedications for special individuals introduced by her callers. And from all over the country, people call in with their stories about the people they love or are thinking about.

One person might call in wanting a song dedicated to his or her spouse of thirty years. Another may ask that a song be played for a lost love or for a loved-one fighting the war in Iraq. Callers request dedications for close friends or for those who are sick or dying. I’ve heard callers request songs for siblings and children.

A while back, I wrote to Delilah myself, but not in order to ask for any sort of song dedication; I just wanted to tell her about a neat experience that I had one night while listening to her show. And though I wasn’t really expecting her replay, within hours she wrote back. Here was the exchange:


From: Levi Hill
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 1:13 PM
To: d@radiodelilah.com
Subject: Levi


A couple of years ago, while driving home from work and listening to your show, I heard the story of one of your callers, a girl who was asking you to dedicate a song to her son, the light of her life. As she talked about her son, I thought of just how many of her comments reminded me of my own boy.

It was one of those sweet segments in your show – the story of a mother who must’ve just wanted to tell the world how much she loved her son. I was moved to think the same of my child and thought to myself, “if I ever called in, that is exactly what I’d say about my own boy.”

Well, just before the song dedication, you asked the caller for the name of her son. And then, just as God’s mystery will sometimes enshroud a moment, I heard her speak the very name that was on my mind, Levi. You see, that happens to be my son’s name as well.

There’s a certain power in names, don’t you think? I don’t mean anything mystical or supernatural — just meaningful. I like the name Levi. I also think that there’s an uncommon strength in a name that carries with it a heritage. I was born, “Lee,” but had my name legally changed to “Levi” when I was about thirteen. My father didn’t really think I’d like the name Levi. But he was wrong. I’m proud to be his son and honored to carry his name forward to my son.

Just thought you’d enjoy the story.

Levi Hill




I believe there is great power in names, and that when God puts a name on our heart, it is for a reason. All my children have special names, my oldest is Isaiah, the prophet…and my youngest is Zachariah, also a prophet but with a warrior’s heart! Shaylah means “Gift of God”…

The Levites, the tribe of Levi, are the ONLY members of the nation of Israel that were allowed to touch the ark of the covenant, the only ones that were allowed to enter into the Holy of Holies and take their prayers directly to God. It is a great and powerful name, one you should be very proud of!



Day 18 Guide


It’s good that we try to heal each other, attending to the needs of others. But it’s so easy to ignore someone else’s problem(s), claiming that we just don’t have the time. Take time today to pick up the phone and call someone you’ve not talked with in a while. Who knows? It might even be you who finds the joy in his or her voice.


© 2006, Levi Hill



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