18. Emotion

Bill Porter is a door-to-door salesman. He’s a simple man with one simple desire: to lead a normal life. And for the most part he does, but not without difficulty. Bill Porter was born with cerebral palsy and since childhood has had a difficult time doing the most routine things, like tying his shoes, making breakfast, or walking.


His speech is also impaired, and because of that you would never think that he could be a good salesman, especially a door-to-door salesman. But he is. In fact he’s a great salesman who’s been awarded top honors by his employer, The Watkins Company. 


His story has earned Bill Porter national recognition as an inspirational figure. And one night several years ago, I happened to see that story on television. I must have cried for an hour as I watched this poor, crippled man struggle, wanting so badly to succeed against impossible odds. And he did, in a big way. 


That night I was changed. While feeling emotionally broken, I was somehow made stronger as well. And to this day I am saddened by the thought of Bill Porter but also energized by his unreal persistence and desire to live. His fight is a true inspiration. 


Day 18 Guide


Emotions are the seas on which the heart sails. Think today of something sweet in your life, remembering that sometimes the sweetness is shrouded in sadness.


© 2004, Levi Hill

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