18. Interpretation

Body language: it says a lot, doesn’t it? In some ways, more than words do. Words by themselves can easily mask the truth, especially the written word. A speaker or writer might choose to downplay or ignore significant facts. But body language — including both voice inflection and eye movement — tells a different story. A person’s posture, his or her tone or coloring, facial expressions, dryness of the lips or mouth – they all mean something. And in my opinion, the eyes and facial expressions speak louder than words.

Unlike most of the muscles of the body that are attached to the skeleton, those of the face are attached just below the skin, making very small movements possible – and highly visible. The number and flexibility of the facial muscles allow for a great amount of different expressions. And since we are the creatures with the most to say, it stands to reason that we should have the greatest flexibility to communicate.

It’s been said that the eyes are the “windows to the soul.” The eyes tell of fear, of longings, of desire and love. They tell of pain and confusion, exhaustion or exhilaration.

Day 18 Guide

It’s hard to hide your true feelings. So be careful what you think. Your body language is probably showing it.

© 2006, Levi Hill

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