18. Poetry and Life


2. That quality or combination of qualities which affords keen pleasure to other senses (e.g. that of hearing), or which charms the intellectual or moral faculties, through inherent grace.

—- Oxford English Dictionary

How does beauty enter your soul? Do you allow her to touch your spirit and satisfy your days? The apprehension of beauty should, I feel, play a significant role in your enjoyment of life. And I think it’s important to talk about beauty with others, even baring as it may seem, some sort of weakness or confession of the soul.

Too many of us pass our days with no talk of beautiful things, the wonderful moments or heightened experiences. Maybe we feel that within the regimen of work there’s simply no time for the enjoyment of a recollection, a song, a story, or the view of landscape. But there is nothing that connects people more closely than converse of the soul, especially talk of the beautiful and wonderful things that arouse the rich feelings of being alive.

Day 18 Guide

Speak today of something beautiful. Tell someone of an experience or a thought that aroused in you those rich feelings of greatness or wonder.

© 2005, Levi Hill

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