18. Poetry

Sometimes I find myself struggling to be patient in life — a feeling that, I’m sure, is quite common these days. It’s easy to be uptight; we’re all trying so hard to squeeze more from our time, wanting to do everything but willing to give up very little. The quiet habits of reading, writing, conversing, listening and thinking have been displaced by tight schedules that demand a terribly awkward use of the mind.


Do you ever stop and think, “something’s just not right; life shouldn’t be like this.” Well, it’s true. Life shouldn’t be like that. But how do you change it?


I think it’s important to work on the mental habits that consistently take you back to home-base, the quiet and reflective state of mind that is the spirit of Joyous Gard. It is from this vantage point that you will find life most meaningful; it is from here that connections appear most vivid and the feelings of love and desire are most intense.


Day 18 Guide


A mind drunk with an endless steam of tasks is a mind that will rarely sense the pleasures of Joyous Gard. In order to maintain the good habits of mind in today’s setting, you must sometimes shock your thought-system.


Remove yourself from the steady drip of news for a week or so; go to a museum or the public library and read or think about a place you’ve never been. It’s been said that today is a time of unlimited opportunity. But beware of the traps that confine your mind to much less that you really deserve. And rest assured that the pleasures of the mind far outweigh those of fame or fortune.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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