18. Progress

My father’s old friend, Warren, was a simple man. He loved to laugh with his friends and have an afternoon cocktail; he enjoyed reading and being outdoors. He was kind and friendly. He was easy to talk with, and though forty years my senior, he was always interested in my “goings on.” He asked good questions and listened; he truly cared.


But Warren had sufficient reason to pale on all of life when his only son died tragically in an automobile accident while driving home from work late one night. In the prime of his life and his career, Warren, Jr. lost control of his automobile and hit a tree.


Warren could’ve easily turned bitter on life. He could’ve withdrawn in disappointment and fear. But he remained uncomplicated and his source of joy, simple. Though deeply hurting inside, Warren continued to enjoy the same pleasures. And the life that had so drastically changed for Warren that night didn’t seem to change Warren at all.


That’s what I want, a spirit that can find the light regardless of circumstance. I want the comfort in knowing that my well of strength is deep enough to draw cool water even in the droughts of life.


Days 18-23 Guide


For those of you who trust in Christian prayer, ask the Lord to do this work:


Give me, Lord, a gardener’s mind

A desire to grow and energy to find

The plan I’d love to fill my clay

This empty pot, Lord, take away


      — from A Gardener’s Prayer


© 2005, Levi Hill

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