18. Sympathy

According to a recent statistic, somewhere in the country there is an automobile accident every five seconds. That means during a typical eight-hour workday there will be about five-thousand-eight-hundred automobile accidents.


How much fear do you think will arise and how many hearts will be broken by the news of a loved one or friend involved in such an accident? And if you could measure it, how much sorrow does such a sad statistic generate? How long does the grief of such news last?


It’s hard to even imagine the magnitude of the present human need for understanding and sympathy. Only God knows. What is clear, however, is that life will include sorrow. And there are people in your midst who are carrying the pain of grief – a grief that may sadly be all too familiar.


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At times we should be able to turn ourselves inside out and rely on friends to collect our tears and offer the peace of understanding. Each of us should aim to be that sort of friend – sympathetic and open. Think of how you might wear that invitation of peace so that you are available to those who need you.


© 2006, Levi Hill


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