18. The Sense of Beauty

“Here I am in the very pits of tragic life . . . Happily for me, I have learnt to live much in the spirit, and see brightness on the other side of life¦”


   — George Meredith, as quoted in Joyous Gard



Like many boys, I had several different bicycles growing up. But my favorite, by far, was a Raleigh Chopper. I put 400 miles on that bike before the speedometer/odometer broke, and most of those miles were accumulated just riding up and down my street. I really loved that old bike, and just about every day I’d pedal through the neighborhood to see what was going on. It was my daily ritual: I’d come home from school, grab an apple and hop on that bike for a ride.


Memories of those miles rest well in my mind; I often resort to the thoughts of solitude and peace that my cycling inspired. I think the feeling of being outdoors with the wind blowing in my face helped to feed the sense of beauty that now so often renews a weakened spirit.


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Never think that it’s too late to make sweet memories. Building the place of Joyous Gard is a life-long habit. Its many corridors and rooms will always welcome new additions.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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