19. Art

Yesterday I talked about how we are many times apt to overlook much of the beauty in the world, seeing only the obvious elements in the foreground of life. But I believe that our senses are to lead the soul to the knowledge of something greater — to the power and energy that lies beneath the surface of the apparent. Art is the attempt to draw us to the well of strength, and the artist himself moves us by isolating frames of life and showing favor only in the necessary combination of elements that would lead to such awareness. I think art, therefore, is as much about discrimination and leaving things off of the canvas as it is about adding things to it.


I believe that the soul wants to be charmed and that the mind tends toward that same artistic selectivity that would erase some things from our view and make more easily recognizable those forces that animate and unify. Read again at the definition of beauty taken from the Oxford English Dictionary:



2. That quality or combination of qualities which affords keen pleasure to other senses (e.g. that of hearing), or which charms the intellectual or moral faculties, through inherent grace.


The word “that” in the definition indicates a selection of “the few” from “the many.” It is not everything that “affords the keen pleasure,” but only “that quality or combination of qualities which charms the intellectual or moral faculties.”


Day 19 Guide


Today, think like an artist and look at the world through the eyes of one who is selective, drawing in only the qualities or combination of qualities that would afford the soul keen pleasure. The key here is to discriminate and leave some things out, allowing into your awareness only the elements that are necessary to point to the greater forces.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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