19. Faith

It’s hard for any of us to factor the thought of death into a formula for living. Generally speaking, our thoughts are on growth and progress and all of the many things that would help us to achieve the various ends we have in mind. Few, if any, of our thoughts anticipate an end to life. We plan for the future. We plan to live. Christ, on the other hand, lived his life in anticipation of death. And that point of view, I think, makes a great difference.


We sometimes live as if we can take it all with us. The Ancient Egyptians believed in such an afterlife. They buried their leaders (pharaohs) with their possessions, thinking that they would need them in the afterlife, just as they needed them here on earth. Maybe sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we really can’t “take it with us” – that each of us will depart from this world just as we entered it, with nothing.


Some will leave a great many possessions behind, and others will leave only a few. And there will be some – possibly you – who will leave the legacy and the gift of love, or habits of the heart that may define a mission long to be forgotten.


Day 19 Guide


Give some thought to what you might leave behind. What could you leave that will continue long past your death?


© 2006, Levi Hill

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