19. Science

Imagine moving something just by the thought of it. Now, I’m not talking about telekinesis or any other such purported claim of super-human capability. This is real stuff — a technology on the horizon that could possibly help the thousands of paralyzed victims of spinal cord injury.


The journal Nature recently reported that scientists and engineers are working on a novel machine that translates the faint electrical signals of the brain’s cortex into electronic signals that robotic prostheses can then use to perform routine movements. In a nutshell, small probes permanently implanted within the brains of paralysis victims capture the neural patterns of thought associated with particular movements, sending those sets of distinct signals to devices that perform the particular movements.   


We live in exciting times, don’t we?




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Great things many times result from the collective effort of people from different fields of understanding and knowledge. Wouldn’t it be fulfilling to think that you contributed to the solution of a complex problem? Well, maybe you already have. Maybe your attitude, your smile, or your encouragement has helped someone to persevere and break through the barriers that would otherwise stop him. Or maybe your simple, common-sense suggestion opened a door to understanding. A little humor is sometimes just enough to overcome stagnation or seeming inflexibility. Don’t sell yourself short, my friend. You don’t have to be a scientist to be part of a solution.


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