19. The Principle of Beauty

The beauty of ordinary things depends upon the angle at which you see them and the light which falls upon them; and the work of the great artist and the great writer is to show things at the right angle, and to shut off the confusing muddled cross-lights which conceal the quality of the thing seen.


 — Benson, Joyous Gard


Beauty, like love, is the undeniable force that connects us individually to more expansive worlds. Evoked by our witness of beauty and love is the common feeling that everything suddenly makes sense — that all is meaningful.


Remember when the character Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz awoke from her dream of the strange place called Oz?  Do you remember how glad she was to see everyone and everything? Her friends and family, her house, her dog — everything seemed to have newfound meaning. Her Kansas farm home was no longer a dull place. It was wonderful and beautiful and rich with meaning. There’s no place like home became the mantra for the renewed soul.


Days 19-21 Guide


It takes only a change of light, a memory, or a thought to arouse the expansive feelings of beauty and love, which seem to be such an important part of our humanity. Make the effort this weekend to think anew about the common things in your life.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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