19. The Sense of Beauty



In my last post (Day 16. Faith) I wrote of life\’s motions, describing some of them as circular and curved rather than tending in a straight line as does time. The recurrent stream of activities within the cycle of a day makes the complexion of today and tomorrow alike is many ways. It is also by virtue of these curves and circles in life that we as social beings have soft transitions and second chances. The small circle of the 24-hour day, for example, is broken by the subtle curve of evening, and is wherein the mistakes of yesterday can be overcome by the greater wisdom of tomorrow.

In architecture the structure called the arch is a curved design member that demonstrates tremendous strength joined with sensible beauty. For millennia builders have known the structural integrity of arches, those in the earliest times being built of stacked stone.

The upright legs of the stone arch are made up of an equal number of stacked stone blocks with those at the top shaped on a bias to create the signature curve of the structure. Placed at the apex of the curve is a single keystone that supports the thrust load created by the weight of the stone blocks pushing inward. Without the keystone, the arch would collapse under its countering forces; with it, however, the arch has awesome integrity and beautiful poise.

Day 19 Guide

The forces of a weakness can sometimes be redirected towards a worthwhile end or mission. Good personal habits and a sense of discipline can be the keystones to help support and integrate the powerful forces in your life.

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