2. Art and Morality

Do you ever feel like you’re losing control? That’s me — so often caught up in the whirlwind of activity that’s taking me who knows where.  In my world, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. And I think if I allowed it, my life would pretty much turn into an endless stream of putting out fires. Maybe you feel the same way. Or maybe you’d like to have more things to do. For you a fire or a squeaky wheel might just be what the doctor ordered.


I yearn for balance. Sure, I want to work and be productive. But I also want desperately to enjoy the beauty in life.  I need time to rest and reconnect with the things I love. I’m on a constant search to find that balance.


The artist leaves portals of escape from the thicket of a hectic world. Images that speak of courage, love, sorrow, and desire, or those that demonstrate the beautiful patterns and design of the universe, they give me pause and needed rest. They reset my priorities and tell me once again what’s really important.




At the end of a busy day yesterday, a friend showed me the photographs taken on his recent relief trip to the battered Gulf Coast region. Amidst the images of homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina were also those of school children from the local area. One child, a girl about 8 years-old, had a beautiful smile. She wore brand new mittens, a hat and a scarf, things she’d obviously received for Christmas. Hers was the picture of life, and the instant I saw it, I thought, “Now that is the spirit that will rebuild the region.”


“What a beautiful little girl,” I remarked.

“Truly so.” said my friend, “Though sadly, it was recently discovered that she has a brain tumor.”


The image that had so arrested my spirit called yet deeper into my soul:  “Yes. Yes, indeed,” I thought. “Hers will be the spirit that rebuilds not only a region but an entire nation.”


Days 29-2 Guide


Does the day-to-day stuff tend to obstruct your view of the more important things? Pay close attention to the images that will give you that needed balance. Don’t let the news of the day bog down your vision of tomorrow.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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