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Every Day, a New Flavor


A different flavor for every day of the month: it was the winning formula for the one of the country\’s most successful ice cream franchises, Baskin-Robbins. I remember first visiting our local franchise and being spellbound by the different colors of the frozen sweet on display behind the glass.


Strawberry had always been my favorite. But one day I asked for a taste of something new, a flavor called Red Apple Jack Ice. The deep crimson red cream was enticing, and the icy-smooth texture was much like sherbet. The tart bite of the first taste was followed by a rich fruity flavor, similar to raspberry “ only much better. One taste is all it took for Red Apple Jack Ice to become my new favorite. And from that point on it would be my standard order whenever I went to Baskin- Robbins. Two scoops of Red Apple Jack Ice on a sugar cone.


I remember one particular hot summer night when I was ten or eleven-years old, sitting on a bench outside the store enjoying a double scoop of my newfound favorite. Before I could finish even the first scoop, I dropped the cone on the hot pavement. As the ice cream melted so did I, disappointed and embarrassed.


Day 2 Guide


We\’ve all experienced the disappointment of loss. We\’ve wasted opportunities, and we\’ve felt the heartache of regret. Be careful not to allow regret to set in and blind your view to new opportunities. Consider each day a chance for perfection and have a mind for something purposeful, some future success. Commit to something, and hope for success. Expect some level of failure, but then persist.


© 2009 Levi Hill 




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