2. Growth

“…I am sure that there are many people who, looking back at their youth, are conscious that they had something stirring and throbbing within them which they have somehow lost; some vision, some hope, some faint and radiant ideal.”

— Growth, Joyous Gard

An image, a song, a sense of space, an aroma, a story – these are the things that for me open the doors to Joyous Gard. They evoke memories that please my spirit and give me energy to face the more common fears of this present life. And in the penumbra of my looking back I sometimes sense an old motivation, a familiar desire, or a passion I thought lost. I’m made to feel alive and wanting, youthful. O, to have those thoughts stir in me the more.

Day 2 Guide

Discover again those things that would move you, those wonderful thoughts that give you wings to fly. Search the treasures of your experience to find the way to Joyous Gard.

© 2007, Levi Hill

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