2. Humor

“¦Red’s “loss of control” laughter made audiences feel closer to him, like he was allowing us to see the real man.” While very little comedy you pay for is actually spontaneous, the best practitioners (like Grouch or Red) make it seem spontaneous.”


 — Frederic Raphael, remarks concerning Red Skelton


I believe that laughter is one of the most natural and important responses to this “film-strip” we call life. Red Skelton was a master comedian who helped us to adjust our sense of life so that for a while we could enjoy a different view. An example of his talent was his famous “Dunking Donuts” routine, in which Red demonstrated the many different ways that people eat doughnuts. By exaggerating common, yet subtle, behaviors, Red was able to poke fun at human mannerisms without actually making fun of the individual.


Some might call Red’s humor silly, but in my estimation it was pure genius. His humor had much of the same harmonizing effects of music — uniting people of different ages and from different backgrounds. It was humor for every man of any age, inspiring laughter that was good for the soul. http://www.redskelton.com/


Day 2 Guide


Today, look around at the common elements in life. Observe simple things and see if you can spot the humor.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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