2. Humor

A man walked into a clothing store to buy a suit. He quickly found his size and began to go through the racks looking at the different fabrics. Just as he picked out what he liked, a salesman lazily walked up and asked, “May I help you, sir?”


“Well, I’m looking for a suit. And I think I just found what I want.”


“Very good,” said the salesman. “Why don’t you try it on and let’s see how it fits.”


With that, the man slipped into the dressing room and put on the suit. Immediately, he knew that alternations would be necessary because both the coat sleeves and the pants legs were too long. The waist was a little snug as well. He walked out of the dressing room to stand in front of the mirror. And there he waited for the sluggish salesman to pin the suit for alteration.


“That suit looks very nice on you, sir,” said the salesman.


“What?” said the man. “The sleeves are entirely too long and so are the pants. And the waist is a little snug.”


“But, sir,” said the salesman. “Certainly you’re not standing like you normally do. You’re far too erect; bend over at the waist and stand just like you were when you walked in the store.”


Following the salesman’s instructions, the man started to lean over, and sure enough, as he did his coat sleeves began to shorten up as did the legs of his pants. He kept leaning over until the sleeves and the pants were just the right length.


“Now, that looks very nice,” said the salesman. “That’s exactly how you were standing when you walked in the store. That suit fits you well, just as long as you maintain your normal posture.”


Not totally sold on the idea that this was his normal posture, the man said, “But the waist is still a little snug.”


“Sir, when you corrected your posture, you also naturally relaxed your waist. And for a man like you who’s in top physical shape that’s not normal. Concentrate on holding your stomach in – just like you were doing when you walked in the store.”


And with that, the man did as the salesman suggested and held in his stomach as best he could.


“Perfect,” said the salesman. “That suit looks like it was made just for you.”


Feeling a bit awkward in his new suit, the man had to reassure himself that what the salesman told him was probably true and that the suit did, in fact, fit him well, needing no alterations after all. As he looked in the mirror, the man convinced himself that the suit was indeed right for him and said, “Yea, yea. I see what you’re saying. I guess my normal posture is less erect as you say. And my waist, well I think that I must just be really tired today. I’m sure that I normally hold it in my stomach as you say.”


And with that, the man bought the suit just as it was, thanked the salesman, and proudly left the store still wearing it as he walked down the sidewalk to his car.


At that point, a boy and his father passed by the newly dressed man as he was coming out of the store. Smiling, the suited man looked at the boy, and said, “Good day.” and continued on his way feeling good about his new clothes. 


The boy then turned to his father and sympathetically said, “Dad, did you see that poor crooked man coming out of the store? He was all bent over and he looked like he was in pain, too.”


“Yes, son I saw him. But at least he looked happy. And isn’t it great that he was able to find a tailor who could make him a suit that fit so well?”


Day 2 Guide


Laugh today. Look for things that are a bit out of the ordinary and try to find humor in what you see.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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