2. Ideas

When skies are gray I find myself searching for connections and ideas that might elevate my feeble spirit. It’s an introspective search, the thrust of which is to reaffirm my life-purpose and get my feet back on the ground.


Sometimes it takes a while for my spirit to begin turning, but it’s then that I notice my senses as they become more acute; I find that I begin looking more at people’s faces and thinking of special friends and old times. As I’m rummaging through my mind, I’m making the effort to uncover the important elements in order that I might weave a sense of meaning back into my life.


Does any of that sound familiar? Do you ever have days – or periods of time – when the greatest things in life are hidden behind clouds of apathy or despair? Maybe it’s at times like these that God seems distant and unsympathetic. I believe, however, that it is especially during these times that God is at work to help restore the joy and beauty that will reanimate a hopeful spirit.


Days 2-5 Guide


The mind is less mechanical than it is magical. It takes only one instance of apprehended beauty to completely remove the clouds of despair. Trust that God is with you in your quest to revive the stalled mind. Push yourself to do things that will move the spirit, and surround yourself with the things you love.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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