2. Life

Wanting to elevate the flow of city traffic above its railroad, Atlanta, Georgia engineers in the 1920s constructed viaducts upon which downtown streets could be built. With streets then overhead, the resulting tunnels came to be known as Underground Atlanta, the city beneath the city. Today, Underground Atlanta is a tourist attraction and home to many local shops, eateries and nightclubs.  

I remember visiting the underground city during what was then the tail-end of the “hippie” era (the late 1960s). Along with Peachtree Street, it was one of Atlanta’s most popular hangouts for the city’s “beat generation.” I was amazed at what I saw: street vendors selling incense and flowers, glass blowers, guitarists and hand-drummers playing for money, followers of Hare Krishna passing out booklets explaining their beliefs. The oddities that I saw made quite an impression on me, and I will never forget coming to know the strange side of life that flourished beneath the streets of Atlanta.  

My general nature is to be tentative and afraid of the unconventional. I find myself struggling to keep the “color of life” pouring in through the windows of my soul. I’m constantly sifting through and thinking about my experiences in order to stay near the portals that might open up into new worlds of thought and ideas. These are the portals of creativity that keep my spirit alive. 

Day 2 Guide Constantly question the bounds of your own thought. Self-imposed restrictions can often times stop you from expanding your mind into areas that are important for creativity and optimal experience. Never discount the power of God’s hand in your life.  

© 2006, Levi Hill

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