2. Memory

If there’s one thing in my life that’s missing,

It’s the time that I spend alone

Sailing on the cool and bright, clear water.


Time for a cool change,

I know that it’s time for a cool change.

And now that my life is so prearranged, I know it’s time for a cool change.


  — Little River Band, Cool Change


I do so love a quiet and settled spirit — one that invites a dance of thought within the spacious halls of memory. Many times I’m surprised to recall certain memories I thought lost in the pit of the forgotten. It’s when I have a mind free of the day’s complexity that I’m most likely to uncover the charms of those earlier times.


I’m fortunate to have many vivid recollections of our family visits to my grandparents’ house. Throughout their house there were old radiators used for heat in the winter. Individual window-units in the den, the kitchen and the bedrooms kept these rooms cool in the summer.


The doors to the air-conditioned rooms were naturally kept closed in the summertime; the foyer and the halls of the sizeable house were usually, therefore, hot and stuffy. I remember well the pleasant shock of cold air when we opened the door to the den on our summer visits.


My sister and I would usually sit on the floor of that room and play games of pick-up-sticks as my mother and father visited with my grandparents. We’d usually drink cold Coca-Colas®, and the adults enjoyed sweet iced tea.


Maybe it’s because Augusta is such a hot place in the summer that cool air is especially refreshing to me. Some of my favorite memories are of things cool and refreshing. It seems that I even transport those feelings to many of the things I see in the world and in nature today. The thoughts of certain places — sometimes even certain people – promote feelings that I’d best characterize as hot or cool.


Some people enjoy summer because they like the heat. I like summer, too. But I think for me it’s more because I enjoy the cool air-conditioned pockets that offer an escape from the heat.


Time for a cool change¦


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Memory is one of the best and most natural channeling poetry into your life. Think of times past and recall some of your great moments.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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