2. Science

Sometimes I feel like my brain gets out of whack. I mean it can happen almost overnight that my excitement about things shrivels to nearly nothing. I don’t really understand how it all works or what happens; I just know what it feels like to be lost and disconnected. Do you ever feel that way?


Earlier, I wrote about a “science of the spirit.” I think that we are in need of a science of controlling our experience and our emotions. Maybe I’m speaking more for myself, but I feel like we need a methodology to rekindle our emotions and our enthusiasm about life, especially at times when we’re left feeling uninspired and down.


Repeatedly, I query myself about the things that make me feel alive and excited about the future. And they, I expect, are the bricks for the foundation and the walls of my Joyous Gard. As we go forward, I will be writing more about the architecture of Joyous Gard.


Day 2 Guide


Think today about some of the things that enliven your spirit. Take an hour or so during the day to list some of these things.


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