2. Thought

Some people are better “on their feet” than others. They’re quick and have definite opinions. They’re not cloudy about anything, and they have answers for most everything. Me, I do better if I have a little time and space to think. It usually takes me a while to come up with an answer or a solution to a problem. Some call me a procrastinator because I like to “chew” on an idea or a question for a while. But most of the time I’m not really putting off a decision or an opinion. I just like to think about it for a while. I don’t like to give quick answers. I like to look at all the angles.

Some people talk faster than others. I don’t do well around fast talkers. I don’t even feel like I can think as fast as they can talk. And I definitely can’t talk as fast as they can. I have a hard enough time just finding the right words to communicate my thoughts. Words sometimes get stuck in my head, and it takes me a while to locate them. I find that fast talkers usually don’t have the patience for “word-diggers” like me.

I think it’s good that the world has a lot of quick thinkers and fast talkers. I’m just not one of them. Give me a little time.

Day 2 Guide

Thinking is a process. It takes time – more for some than others. Remember this: the quality of a thought is not a product of how quickly it was produced.

© 2006, Levi Hill

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