2. Visions

Life – if you let it — is all about new starts and new directions, changes that begin with imagination. Imagine yourself charting new courses with a renewed sense of mission. Can you do that? Maybe you’re frightened or think that having such a vision is immature and mostly inconsequential. But vision is essential to living a rich and meaningful life.


I think that each of us is capable of employing the imagination to envision new courses. But for many, the burden of life seems more real, a view that overshadows and essentially discredits the power of vision. You’ll hear it in the language of anxious spirits, which are most often critical of dreams and possibilities, claiming them to be mere apparitions or fancies of a childish mind.


There’s nothing silly about dreams and ideas and other products of imagination, my friend. But dreams are fragile structures that must not be given over immediately to the public for evaluation. Treasure your inner thoughts and protect your vision.


Days 2-4 Guide


Dream, my friend, and consider the course of your life in terms of new possibilities. Share your vision with someone you can trust and who understands the nature of dreams. 

© 2005, Levi Hill

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