20. Knowledge

I remember the man who used to take care of several lawns in our neighborhood. He drove an old, light-blue Ford LTD with a padlock mounted on the outside of its trunk. Riding my bicycle up the street, I’d pass by his parked car quite often. Most of the time he was up in someone’s yard raking leaves or mowing the grass. But sometimes he’d be sitting on the rear bumper of that old car with the trunk wide open. Curious as I was, I’d do my best to glance over and see what he kept in there.

I tried not to appear nosy, but I’m sure he must’ve been aware of my curiosity. He would look up as I rode by. We would exchange glances. And he would nod his head as he sipped an iced-drink from a glass jar – tea, I suppose. (We Southerners are big on “sweet iced-tea”).

I learned that when the trunk hood was up, it usually meant lunch-time for the man. I figured that he must’ve stored his lunch in the trunk and that maybe the open hood gave him a needed bit of shade on those hot summer days.

I saw nothing unusual in the trunk. Everything in it was neat and orderly. There were small assorted jars and boxes, each one, I thought, most likely storing something important for his work – maybe oil for his lawnmower, or trash-bags, or tools. I was impressed to think of just how well he took care of his possessions.

After many years of my seeing the man parked on the street, one day he just stopped coming by. He may have retired, or he could’ve grown sick and unable to work. And while it’s now been close to thirty years since I last saw him, the thought of his old blue Ford LTD with the padlocked trunk is still fresh in my mind.

Day 20 Guide

Think about the things you possess. Think about your knowledge and your health. Consider what you’re doing to care for them.

© 2006, Levi Hill

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