20. Life

But in all this, and indeed beyond all this, we must not dare to forget one thing; that it is life with which we are confronted, and that our business is to live it, and to live it in our own way;


— Life, Joyous Gard


Life — it’s what you face every day. Look out on the world, friend; what do we see? Do you see hope and possibility? Or is such a view only fiction? Some consider life to be the chain of bondage or a chain of misfortune. They consider themselves to be prisoners of time.


But time is our ally; we need time to prepare for eternity, time to recognize and sense the beauty that will forever be ours when we leave this world. “Life,” as Joyous Gard says, “is to be lived.” We should love, we should laugh, and we should learn.


God became man not only to die but also to teach us how to live. He left us with words of hope and encouragement — words that we might hold on to and trust. This Christmas season trust that God entered the world not in vain, but as the Almighty savior, who taught us how to live and how to die.


Day 20 Guide


It’s a good time of year to unpack the suitcase of your mind and remove the things you don’t need for the trip. Keep only the things that will help you in your travels. Remove the chains of cynicism and doubt, and in their place carry the roadmaps of hope and love.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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