20. Memory

An old friend came by to visit my father (Levi) the other day. He followed his visit with a short note that began like this:


Levi, it was a real treat for me to get to see you and talk about old times. You haven’t changed a bit. Still the friendly man you’ve always been.


My father, 78, and his friend, Mr. Mason, 84, talked for about an hour. They laughed and told old stories. Both men have great smiles and both are good old fashioned gentlemen, who for years have operated businesses that demand high levels of customer service. They are fair and honest men who believe in hard work, and both continue to go to work every day. They could teach us a thing or two, couldn’t they? And in fact they do, just by being there.


Mr. Mason continues:


I was so glad you continue to come down to the business. You would be surprised what your being there does for your business.


Being There


Have you ever thought about the power of your presence? Without as much as a single word, a trusted presence can change the entire setting, securing a sense of peace. The presence of a father or mother provides security for the child. A sympathizing friend standing by during a time of grief is a comfort. The blanket of old times that warms a friendship is quilted with the memories of being there.  


Just think of how the very presence of Jesus changed the world some two-thousand years ago. For Christians the world over a belief in His continued spiritual presence energizes and animates their lives. To know Christ as a living, active, spiritual force in the world is, in fact, the very cornerstone of the Christian religion. 


Day 20 Guide


Think of your being there as the mortar for building and maintaining lasting relationships.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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