20. Progress

Driving home last night, I noticed that my automobile’s odometer read 111,110. “One more mile,” I thought, “and all the numbers will be 1s.” I waited patiently for that one additional mile to register. And then I saw it: 111111 — that’s just how my odometer appeared when the change occurred. And for the next mile I watched the reading, until a “2” finally replaced the last “1” in the series. At that moment I knew that never again would I see such a series of repeating digits on the display, unless, of course, I hung on to my car until I hit 222,222 miles.


I remember the day I finished my last college exam. In fact, I can almost remember closing the door to my duplex for the last time and thinking, “I’ll never walk this way again. This chapter in my life is closed, I’ll have to forge ahead.” It was sort of a sad thought, but I knew that life would march on and that I should try to keep up with her cadence.


Some people, I believe, are inclined to look forward, while others — like me —  tend to look back. I try not to get lost in the past. I want to move forward and make progress. I just don’t want to forget the roads I’ve taken.


Day 20 Guide


Take some time today to think about the roads you’ve taken. Think about those once-in-a-lifetime events, the chapters that have closed, and the others that have opened. Life marches on but she never forgets.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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