20. The Principle of Beauty


On the Nature of Things

The other day while I was on a walk I noticed something a bit unusual, something I\’d not seen before. There on the edge of a large vacant lot alongside the road I often travel stood what looked like a rather large stack of¦ well, something — possibly bricks or some other type of building product.

As my curiosity drew me closer to the structure I realized that I wasn\’t looking at bricks at all but rather some sort of structure made of sticks. It was only after reading the small placard located near the structure that I discovered I was looking at something intentional: an abstract work of art called Growth Rings. This, I learned, was just one of fourteen organic structures that had been recently placed on the property as an outdoor exhibit for a local art museum. For the next hour I wandered the property, looking and thinking as I snapped some pictures of the works that I found.

Day 20 Guide

Some of our greatest moments are born of coincidence or chance. Be patient and wait for the art of surprise.

© 2009, Levi Hill

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