21. Education

Young souls need direction. They need teachers, who by their posture and perspective on life, indirectly pass along something that cannot be directly taught. Young people are looking for the “real thing,” aren’t they? They want to find out what is at the heart of a person, what makes him tick. But youth is also shortsighted and many times holds on to the wrong idea of the way things work. Children sometimes have silly ideas of what’s important in life. They’re just kids; what should we expect?


One strain of teaching that I think is important, especially for youth, is that which leads to the search for beauty. It’s important for these young people to see us “older folks” still searching for something that gives us that youthful desire and excitement. They should know that growing up doesn’t mean “giving up,” and that there is in life this eternal glow of loveliness that we continue to seek as long as we live.


The general business and strains of life may sometimes mask this search, and even we, who don’t intend it, end up teaching the wrong lessons. “They need to know what it’s like in the real world,” we say. Well, what is the real world? In my opinion, it is actually the life beyond what we find on the surface. The “real world” is the world of love and relationship; it’s the world of purpose and divine direction. It is the world of beauty.


Day 21 Guide


Speak more often about the greater things in life, allowing the general business of the world to simply pass on by, like water in a stream. Think of the eternal; we should teach our children about the principles of love and beauty and how they, not the general affairs of the world, support and govern the most important leanings in life.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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